Faction Battles

Players can choose to join a faction and participate in large scale PvP battles. Factions compete over territory, which they defend by building and manning sentry posts and patrolling their territory. Players can organize assaults to attack sentry posts held by opposing factions to claim additional territory.

When your faction successfully captures territory, you are able to build up your own defenses with walls, fortifications, and summon NPCs to man them in order to protect your territory from rival factions. You can also help your faction by contributing gear, tokens, or resources (wood, metals, etc.) used for building defenses and siege weapons.

The faction zones are part of the open-world and are the only open PvP area. Players who enter the faction zones may be killed by players of enemy factions, but outside of the faction zones players are free to roam the lands without fear of attack from other players.

The faction zones are a dynamic aspect of the world, with some areas unlocking content for the faction holding it. Once your defenses have reached a certain level, a zone is considered safe to NPCs who may begin to build houses, shops, and other structures. Also, new dungeons and unique quests may be unlocked.

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