Haldor, a young and prodigious fighter, may have engaged in only a handful of battles as a Guardian, but his remarkable capabilities have already garnered admiration and respect. With a voracious appetite for improvement, Haldor trains relentlessly, tirelessly honing his skills and fortifying his mental and physical prowess. His unwavering determination and commitment to excellence foreshadow a bright and storied future, positioning Haldor to etch his name among the pantheon of legendary Guardians.

Base stats

Start weapon: Short sword Weapon upgrades: Shield, Halberd, Katana


Born in Elmsworth, a small forest town near the grand capital of Zetan, Lyrina once thrived as a noble Furie. Unjustly expelled, she pledged to defend her village. Lyrina honed her archery skills and mastered stealth and cunning to become a fierce protector for her people. Courageously facing enemies, she embodied the unyielding spirit of a true Furie, proving that honor and loyalty can triumph despite adversity and injustice.

Stats: +10% faster movement and sprint speed -25% max stamina and health Bow cooldown reduced by 20%

Start weapon: Royal Sword Weapon upgrades: Curved Daggers, Dual Axes


Jenku, from the shores of the Kilan Isles, hails from lineage of legendary fighters. Trained from a young age in defensive combat and discipline, Jenku honed his skills in martial arts, a testament to his dedication and the guidance of his ancestors. With unmatched expertise and an unyielding spirit, Jenku has forged a path of honor and triumph, upholding the proud legacy of his predecessors while creating an enduring legend all his own.

Stats: +10% damage -10% stamina consumption with katana -20% reduced defense

Start weapon: Katana Weapon upgrades: Dual Scimitars, Saber


Thokur, a formidable Guardian, fearlessly served the empire, embarking on perilous missions. With unparalleled combat expertise, Thokur tackled adversaries that others were not prepared to face. Among the scarce and honored few, Thokur personally confronted a dragon. Despite the harrowing encounter, Thokur emerged victorious, displaying unwavering courage and resilience. The tale of this awe-inspiring battle continues to resonate across the empire, igniting hope and admiration.

Stats: +15% defense and health -30% stamina -10% move and sprint speed

Start weapon: Sword and Shield Weapon upgrades: Halberd, Royal Lance

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