Empire of Zetan

The Empire of Zetan ruled over Uldor for more than 1,000 years. The empire was a tapestry of peoples and cultures that over time absorbed the once proud nations of Kilan, Karg, and Tamana. At its peak, the empire stood against all beasts, monsters, and bandits that would dare threaten its people.

A legend known to all within Zetan was that of the first Guardian. It was said that long ago, the town of Zetae was plagued by a fierce clan of warriors. One day a traveler from the frozen wasteland to the north wandered into their town. Weak and with no memory of his past, the people of Zetae took him in and showed him kindness. After he recovered, he became a part of their community. When a group of ten clansmen returned, he alone stood his ground. Determined to set an example, the clansmen charged, but the man grabbed his axe and skillfully killed them all. His bravery and fighting prowess inspired the townspeople to fight back. The next time the town was visited, the clan faced an army. Neighboring towns heard the tale of this legendary guardian of the people and began to have hope. Surrounding towns banded together led by this unknown warrior and fought back against the clan's attacks, eventually defeating them. And thus began the rise of Zetan.

The people of Zetan built an immense city of stone castles and towers, determined to never again submit to foreign attackers. They were resolute in their quest for domination and the expansion of their great empire, which grew in size and might with each passing year.

To further ensure the safety of their people, Zetan established and trained the Guardians, a highly trained fighting force sent throughout the lands to crush any enemy that would threaten the empire. But as the empire faced more internal threats, the Furies were established to maintain peace and order within its borders.

Such is the origin of Zetan, a city that was once a mighty empire, with a history steeped in legend and valor.

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