In the heart of the scorching desert lies the proud and ancient civilization of Karg, home to the magnificent Great Pyramid, a towering structure that has withstood countless assaults from both monsters and invaders. The city-state is surrounded by smaller desert towns and nomadic peoples who view themselves as part of Karg and fiercely defend their home from outsiders. The unforgiving desert is plagued by deadly scorpions, sandstorms, and savage raiders, but Karg remains protected by a towering wall to the north and formidable mountains to the west, where intrepid traders brave the perils of mining for precious metals and uncover the treasures of long-forgotten civilizations.

The Great Pyramid, a massive edifice that serves as a thriving city in its own right, was constructed by the people of Mareth, a verdant city to the southeast, as a refuge from the dragons that once roamed the skies. Today, it is home to countless shops and governing authorities.

Karg has endured many trials over the years, from repelling the attacks of Zetan from the north to fighting off an assault from Kilan from the south, which led to the capture of the Oasis of Mareth. Karg managed to retake the city, but the diversion allowed Zetan to breach their defenses and take control, forcing Karg to submit to their rule and become part of the empire.

The people of Karg hold a deep reverence for the sun and moon, whom they believe are the creator gods, constantly watching over them. Some believers even act as though the sun and moon can physically see them and conduct their affairs in the shade to avoid detection. The Great Pyramid was designed to cast as little shadow as possible to keep the people around it safe.

Karg had a long-standing friendship with Tamana, a fishing city to the east that was tragically destroyed by the ruthless Zetan Empire, leaving many of its people dead or forced to flee to Karg for refuge. Despite the hardships they have faced, the people of Karg remain proud and unbroken, determined to protect their land and their people from any who would threaten them.

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