Our Mission

At Max Level Studios, our mission is to deliver high-quality, player-first experiences that push the boundaries of gaming. As passionate gamers ourselves, we believe the industry is ripe for disruption and in need of new ideas from innovative studios that don't accept the status quo.

Our core passion is for MMORPGs, a genre that brings players together in an immersive open world for shared experiences and character progression unmatched in gaming. As amazing as MMORPGs have been for gaming, they largely failed to innovate to keep up with changing player habits and new competition from casual and competitive games.

MMORPGs suffer from player fragmentation. Once players have leveled up, they find it hard to invite their friends to join them. New players often start doing mindless tasks or killing the most simple creatures and then have to grind those repetitive tasks for dozens, even hundreds of hours before being able to play with their friends.

Most MMOs have game modes that would appeal to casual and competitive gamers, such as a PvP arena, replayable dungeons, fishing minigames, and more, but these experiences are typically locked behind level progression - many at the game's max level.

Finally, MMORPGs are costly to build and building the full game before release can drag development years beyond the initial projections, leaving the community and potential players waiting until they eventually move on to something else.

We aim to disrupt the MMORPG genre by building something new.

Here's how we build better:

  • Ungated competitive play: Our PvP Arena will be outside of the open world progression system, meaning players can join PvP from day one and not have to grind through the open world. This allows casual and competitive players to try Uldor to see if they enjoy it before investing hundreds of hours into the game. And there's no requirement to play the open world. Some players may spend all of their time in the PvP Arena. However, we believe our Faction PvP will draw players further into the immersive world.

  • Souls-like: To differentiate Uldor from other MMORPGs, we draw inspiration from souls-like games with strategic combat, rich immersion, and intense bosses that are extremely rewarding to defeat, if you are skilled enough! MMOs have gotten too easy. Instead of rushing players through the open world to get to the competitive play, players will experience the open world at their own pace - immersing themselves in the world and the characters as they seek to forge their own path.

  • Enhanced ownership and transparency: We believe blockchain can empower players with enhanced ownership, transparency, and provable scarcity. While early iterations have not gotten this right, we are confident in our approach and the value blockchain will add for players. When done right, players will have more confidence in and control over their assets.

  • Phased Development: MMORPGs are ambitious projects. They are expensive and time-consuming. If successful, they can define a studio, but oftentimes times MMOs go far over budget or feel rushed. Our approach is to build vertical slices that we can iterate from to get to our final vision. This allows us to build a community around fully released games as well as our larger vision. We also gain valuable feedback from our players, regarding everything from network and backend scaling to class balancing. This strategy gives us a huge head start when we release our open world, with assurances of a smooth rollout and favorable reception.

We hope you join us. We plan to change the game.

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