Our Dread Arena game now includes tournaments where players can showcase their scores on a leaderboard and compete for prizes!

Featured tournaments are public tournaments that anyone can join. Players who compete in a featured tournament will see their scores listed on a public leaderboard so they can see how they match up against the competition!

Custom Tournaments

In addition to Featured Tournaments, players can also create their own custom tournaments. This empowers our players to challenge one another in private tournaments. After creating a tournament, you can share the access code with whomever you like! This is great for communities of gamers or content creators who want to have private tournaments among themselves without them being open to anyone. Tournaments also allow players to customize the experience, setting rules and changing the game mode. Tournaments can restrict specific characters, offer limited or unlimited attempts, set a specific time limit, and change the game mode.

Partner Tournaments

Featured Tournaments may be hosted by us, or they may feature one or more partners. We designed the tournament system to enable completely custom graphics so we can provide partners with an opportunity to brand a hosted tournament. This allows us to introduce our game to more communities and gives partners an opportunity to host giveaways or sponsor a prize pool for those who compete in the tournament.

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