Open World

The world of Uldor is vast and full of adventures and quests that will take players to new areas to face unique challenges. Players can embark upon quests to explore vast landscapes and immerse themselves in the lore of the world.

Uldor is a dynamic world in many ways, with a day and night cycle, weather, and even seasons! As the weather changes, so do the enemies that spawn. Our dynamic world allows players to learn areas but always find something new each time they explore.

Thanks to UE5’s incredible scalability, Uldor features large and diverse areas giving players opportunities to go off on their own or in groups without running into crowded areas, giving special gameplay opportunities to those who enjoy single-player and co-op style games.

Challenging, Souls-like Monster Slaying


Throughout the open world, players will be able to enter instanced dungeons. Dungeons typically have 1 or more bosses with a variety of mobs to fight as you progress. Dungeon bosses may offer unique loot and achievements.

World Bosses

Occasionally, areas of the world will be occupied by world bosses which players will be able to fight. Some world bosses may bring additional enemies with them to occupy and harass an area until they are dealt with. World bosses may offer unique loot and achievements but they may require a large group of players to work together to defeat.

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